A Satirical Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy

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    A cold hearted foreclosure bank agent is forced to face some colder, harsher realities.


    G.C. Horgan (Carl Strecker) is a powerful mortgage banker who belittles the victims of the housing crisis until he suddenly finds himself unemployed and broke!  In the pilot episode, viewers can choose what G.C. should do next in this choose your own adventure comedy:  a) “turn tricks for money,” b) “cry it out like a girl,” or c) “make them all pay.”  The series pokes fun at the perpetrators and situations of our economy, and is the first satire comedy series that covers life under the Occupy Movement and the 1%.


    Foreclosure is filmed entirely on an iPhone, with eight different characters played by Greg Bryan.

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  • Foreclosure: A Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy, a satirical series starring Carl Strecker and Greg Bryan
  • Cast & Crew


    G.C. Horgan:  Carl Strecker

    Everyone else:  Greg Bryan



    Created by:  Greg Bryan

    Produced by:  Greg Bryan, Carl StreckerTorsten Sannar

    Written and Directed by:  Greg BryanCarl Strecker

    Production Design and Makeup by:  Gen Anderson

    Cinematography by:  Andre FontanelleChristian Calson

    Production, Costume, and Makeup Assistant:  Kim Aldinger

    Production Sound by:  Sean Hernandez

    Production Assistant:  Zachary Miller

    Interns:  Emmanuel Camarillo, Chrysanthe Oltmann, Spencer Rosekrans, Laurel Sager, Irving Rafael Torres


    Special Thanks:

    Stephanie Hutin and Elizabeth Affuso of the Intercollegiate Media Studies Department at the Claremont Colleges; Cynthia Peters of the Pomona College Communications Department; Jim Taylor, Sherry Linnell and Suzanne Shultz-Reed of the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance. Davida Wills-Hurwin of the Crossroads School Theatre Department. Amy Karp, Dr. M. Rahmi Mowjood, and Dr. Kyle Smart of the Cucamonga Valley Medical Group. Douglas Noe and Lucas Flanagan. Ted Barton, Lusine Hovsepyan, and Bob Connolly. Location Sound Services in Burbank, CA. Nicole Ballivian of Bintfilm for encouraging the writers to share their comedy with the world.


    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    Shot entirely on an iPhone.


    A Typecasting Films Production
    © by Typecasting Films
    All Rights Reserved


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